Surround Yourself with The Best

Fulfilling your dream is a battle you must win.

But high achievers are the exception, not the rule. Chances are you're not in the best environment for your success. This can make you face more resistance than you need to.

Everything is easier when you have the right people around.

HAOC is the ideal environment to take you to the next level.

Imagine yourself sitting at King Arthur's round table, looking around, and seeing people you can count on.

HAOC is an online fraternity of high achievers where the goal is to propel its members to the next level.

What is a High Achiever?

Someone focused on continually developing these 4 areas:

• Material Wealth

Money is the proportional equivalent of the value you have generated for society. The goal of the high achiever is to make a massive positive impact in the lives of as many people as possible. Having material wealth is proof that this goal is being achieved.

• Physical and Mental Health

Your body is your temple, you are a special person, treat yourself accordingly. Become a master of self, self-esteem, self-motivation, self-confidence... and have a look that communicates it. Being at the top of your game means you respect yourself.

• Happiness and Satisfaction

Realize your vision, and achieve everything you want most. But remember to communicate this to the world. Be a transmitter of positivity and good values. Overflow your happiness wherever you go.

• Relationships and Networking

Surround yourself with the best people and watch your life flourish even more. Have long-lasting relationships.

To join the Circle, You Need to Know:

1 • It is not for Everyone

In addition to having the monthly fee as a selection factor, the circle (like King Arthur's round table) only has 300 seats. Once the seats are taken you will only be able to enter if someone decides to leave.

2 • Accountability Partners

Not just one accountability partner, but two. When you keep in touch with 2 people about your vision and your goals, you evolve much faster. Build your vision. Progress quickly and steadily.

3 • Attracted by the Same Values

It's not easy to find people with the same values as you. People who want the same things in life. Which is committed to the same standards. That's where you belong.

4 • Code of Conduct

This is the right community for you to make the partners you need for a lifetime. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a strict code of conduct. Maintain the principles and values that make the circle great.

The High Achievers Code

1. Seek Constant Improvement

2. Righteousness in Actions

3. Prosper in Every Way

4. Keep a Strong and Healthy Body

5. Surround Yourself with The Best

6. Overflow Wealth Around You

7. Stay in an Upward Spiral

8. Realize your Vision

9. Being a High Achiever is a Daily Choice, Honor Your Decision