What is the 9Pomodoros?

9Pomodoros is a brand for digital entrepreneurs that are looking for ways to generate massive results.

What is Strategic Productivity?

Strategic Productivity is the understanding of productivity as a result of the sum of 4 resources: Time, Energy, Attention, and Motivation (TEAM). The strategic way to increase productivity is by raising the levels in these 4 Pillars.

The 9Pomodoros Morning Routine [9PMR] is the result of applying Strategic Productivity principles to the Morning Routine.

Start Winning Every Day

The 9Pomodoros Morning Routine™ has 4 protocols that vary in terms of results and intensity.

The truth is that the first few hours will always be more productive than any other time of the day.

All protocols are designed to dramatically increase your levels in the 4 pillars of Strategic Productivity: Time, Energy, Attention, and Motivation. (TEAM)

About the Author

Wondering why strategist?

Jack is the originator of the concept of Strategic Productivity and the idea of Productivity as a result of the combination of 4 resources, which became the 4 Pillars (TEAM) of Strategic Productivity.

He is a designer, who discovered productivity as the most helpful passion he could have in life. Because the more productive you are the more you get what you want.

For years he woke up earlier, later, from midnight to 9 am and everything in between, trying to figure out how to have a super productive routine.

You don't have to waste all that time to get it.

Jack believes in the power of sharing the best of what he has with the world, he openly shares his most productive discoveries in his weekly newsletter, every Monday straight to your best email.

The Morning Routine for Massive Results

This Strategic Morning Routine is meticulously designed to optimize your mornings for maximum results.

Propel Yourself to Success with the 4 Pillars of Strategic Productivity